Liquid Bond Cementitious Type Waterproofer





Combines a highly-advanced polymer with the natural properties of Portland or White Cement to provide Waterproofing and Adhesive properties. As an Adhesive, it is mixed with Portland or White Cement at the correct proportions, and may be used for tile-to-tile and tile-to-concrete adhesion applications. Original tiles need not be removed when installing new tiles during renovations. Also used as adhesive for ceramic tiles, cobble stones, face bricks, and decorative stones on walls and floors. The mixture may be used as a Mortar Patch for bricklaying, hollow block and adobe stone setting and for other types of stone structures.

As a Waterproofer, it is also mixed in the correct proportions with Portland or White Cement. Used to waterproof roof decks, parking decks, toilets and baths, cellars, terraces, verandas, firewalls, basements, concrete gutters, ponds, cistern tanks, swimming pools, ledges, awnings and plant boxes. Very good coverage. May be applied direct to the bare concrete floors and parapet walls. May also be applied over Destiny Epoprime Water-based Epoxy Primer and Masonry Waterproofer to first seal the pores of the concrete and to provide a fortified waterproof system. Liquid Bond then completes the waterproofing with a continuous membrane-like tough, adhesive and elastomeric coating. May be topcoated with concrete topping, tiles or Destiny Triple X Chlorinated Rubber coating.



White prior to mixing. Gray when mixed with Portland Cement; white when mixed with White Cement. When mixed with White Cement, the mixture may be tinted with Destiny Accu-color Water-based Tinting Colors up to five (5) percent by volume.



Flat after mixing with Portland Cement.



Concrete, glazed tiles (tile-to-tile), ceramics and other masonry. All architectural and industrial waterproofing, tile adhesion work and hollow block adobe or brick laying work. Will also adhere well to G.I. sheets and other metals.



Use as-is.



Do not tint.

When mixed with White Cement, mixture may be tinted with Destiny Accu-color Water-based Tinting Colors at a maximum of five (5) percent by volume.



As Tile Adhesive or Mortar Patch – Spatula or trowel. Apply directly to the clean and dry tile.

As Waterproofing Material – Brush or roller.



As Tile Adhesive or Mortar Patch – Five (5) to six (6) square meter per 4 liter.

As Waterproofing Material – Ten (10) to Fifteen (15) square meter per 4 liter.

NOTE: Above Coverages apply to the Liquid Bond-to-Cement mixtures.



As Tile Adhesive and Mortar Patch – Install tiles within 15 to 20 minutes open time.

As Waterproofing Material –

1st coat – Two (2) to three (3) hours before recoating.

2nd coat – Twenty-four (24) hours before applying topcoats.

For concrete topping – Apply 3rd coat and let cure forty-eight (48) hours.

Then apply 4th coat. Pour the concrete topping while 4th coat is still wet.



As Tile Adhesive or Mortar Patch – 2.0 kg. Portland Cement per 1 liter Liquid Bond (8 kg. per 4 liter Liquid Bond or 32 kg. per 16 Liter Liquid Bond). Stir very well.

As Waterproofing Material – 1.0 kg. Portland Cement per 1 liter Liquid Bond (4 kg. per 4 liter Liquid Bond or 16 kg. per 16 liter Liquid Bond). Stir very well.

Do not use Puzzolana Cement, Cement-sand mixtures or other types of cement other than Portland Cement or White Cement.

To mix. First, transfer the Liquid Bond to a clean plastic container, preferably larger than the original package. Second, screen the Portland Cement or White Cement to remove all lumps of cement. Third, weigh the correct weight of Portland Cement or White Cement into a dry convenient container. Fourth, slowly pour the Portland Cement into the Liquid Bond, while simultaneously stirring the mixture.

Do not exceed the specified quantities of Portland or White Cement since this will result in cracking of the applied coatings as they dry.



1 liter, 4 liter and 16 liter plastic container



1. Store in shaded ventilated area.

2. Keep out of reach of children.

3. Keep tightly closed when not in use.

4. Follow mixing and application instructions as given on the plastic container. Do not exceed Liquid Bond-to-Cement mixing ratios.



1. Liquid Bond is not acceptable as topcoat for interior of water tanks for drinking purposes.

2. In order to maximize the coverage when applying as waterproofer, apply one square meter at a time for each coat. Start at upper left hand corner and move to the right one square meter at a time on the first row. Then down to the next row until the whole area is covered. Then start again at the dry upper left hand corner for the subsequent coat.

3. Always apply the subsequent coat in the direction perpendicular to the direction of the strokes of the previous coat.

4. Apply the mixture one coat at a time. Allow to dry before applying subsequent coats. Apply only thin coats about 1/16 to 1/8 inch thick. Do not apply thick coats since this may result in cracking known as “mud checking”.