Haardfloor Light Duty Epoxy Floor Coating

HFL-00 White HFL-40 Canary Yellow
HFL-10 Rustic Red HFL-50 Clear
HFL-20 Misty Blue HFL-60 Black
HFL-21 Classic Blue HFL-61 Velvet Gray
HFL-30 Mint Green HFL-90 Sand Beige
HFL-31 Tropical Green
A light duty, sixty (60) percent solids, epoxy floor coating formulated to provide color and elegance to concrete floors. They provide long-lasting protection to concrete floors as well as beauty and images of efficiency, elegance, cleanliness and sanitation. They are applicable to factories, warehouses, shops and display areas. They make cleaning easier and less costly. They are not easily stained by oil and grease and are resistant to most solvents and chemicals. Available in two (2) components – Part A, Base, and Part B, Catalyst. Reduce only with Destiny Epoxy Reducer.
Eleven (11) colors available including white and clear. May be inter-mixed. (To inter-mix, mix only the Parts A, without the Parts B and without Reducer, until the desired color is achieved. Then add the Part B in the proper proportion – 3:1. Finally, add Reducer.)
Light sand in between coats to remove the gloss prior to applying subsequent coats. Do the sanding six (6) hours after the application since it may be too hard to sand after six (6) hours.
Properly primed metal, concrete or wood.. For interior only. Will chalk or lose its gloss with prolonged exposure to sunlight. Especially formulated for industrial and marine uses, and floor coating.
Destiny Epoxy Reducer.
May be tinted only with other Destiny Epoxy Enamel Colors at the factory. Stir very well.
Brush, roller or spray.
Observe all instructions and precautions for mixing and use as given in this bulletin.
Thirty (30) to forty (40) Square Meter per 4 Liter on plain surface
Six (6) hours. Sixteen (16) to forty-eight (48) hours before recoating. Light sand in between coats to remove the gloss. Do the light sanding immediately after six (6) hours or coating may become too hard to sand.
Stir the Part A Base well. Then slowly pour all of the Part B Catalyst into the Part A can slowly and stir very well. Allow the mixture to stand for a ten (10) minute Induction Period. Stir the mixture very briefly every five (5) minutes just to move the mixture. Slowly add Destiny Epoxy Reducer until the desired viscosity is attained. Stir very well.
Part A – 4 liter can with 3 liter contents and
Part B – 1 liter can with 1 liter contents
All two (2) containers are conveniently packaged in one (1) vertical carton with handle for easy handling, and for minimizing mix-up of components with other products during storage and mixing.
1. Store in shaded ventilated area.
2. Keep out of reach of children.
3. Keep tightly closed when not in use.
4. Be sure to follow the instructions for mixing and use.
5. Once mixing of Parts A and B is done the mixture must be totally consumed within two (2) hours or the mixture will start to harden in the can.
6. The two (2) components are packaged in one carton to avoid mixing with other products.
7. Provide adequate ventilation during application and during curing.
8. Flammable. Keep away from fire, sparks and heat during storage, during application and during curing.
9. Sensitive to UV rays of the sun. Do not allow prolonged exposure to sunlight as applied product will lose its gloss and may chalk.
10. For interior use only.