Haardfloor High Solids Epoxy Floor Coating


HF-00 White

HF-10 Rustic Red

HF-20 Misty Blue

HF-21 Classic Blue

HF-30 Mint Green

HF-31 Tropical Green

EFC-40 Canary Yellow

EFC-50 Clear

EFC-60 Black

EFC-61 Velvet Gray

EFC-90 Sand Beige



A heavy-duty Epoxy Coating for indoor and covered floors, decks, platforms and walkways – concrete, wood and steel, to render the coated establishment elegant, clean, sanitary, efficient looking, hard, glossy, water-resistant, chemical-resistant, oil-resistant and easy to clean. It is applicable for areas with heavy foot traffic and with fork lift and other non-metal wheeled factory truck usage. 98 percent solids, its very low VOC results in almost no odor during application and during drying. Hi-built, may be applied up to one (1) millimeter thick. Thicknesses up to four (4) millimeters may be attained by prior application of Epoxy Mortar. It is popular for food factories, semi-conductor plants, building parking decks, warehouses, automotive service areas and other establishments. Eleven (11) smart colors including white and clear available. They provide a smooth and hard tile-like appearance, abrasion resistance, waterproofing properties and beauty to epoxy primed steel, concrete and wood decks, floors, platforms, walkways and work areas. They enhance images of efficiency, elegance, cleanliness and sanitation to factory, warehouse and service and display area floors. They make the task of cleaning easier and less costly. Resistant to oil, most chemicals and solvents. Available in two (2) components – Part A, Base, and Part B, Catalyst. Reduce only with Destiny Epoxy Reducer. Haard Floor Clear Epoxy Floor Coating may used as topcoat for extra protection and enhancement of the surface. Haard Floor Clear may also be used to prepare Epoxy Mortar by mixing with Destiny Mortar Beads, for up to three (3) mm. thick Epoxy Mortar, prior to application of the colored Haard Floor topcoats.



Eleven (11) colors available including white, black and clear. May be inter-mixed, using mechanical stirrer.




Light sand to remove the gloss prior to applying subsequent coats.



Properly primed concrete, wood or metal. For interior only. May chalk or lose its gloss in prolonged exposure to sunlight. Especially formulated for industrial and marine uses, and for floor coatings.

Recommended Primers:

For concrete – Destiny 18 Epoprime Water-based Epoxy Primer and Masonry Waterproofer or

Destiny Epoxy Clear Sealer – Solvent-based clear epoxy sealer

For wood — Destiny EP-100 Epoxy Primer White – Solvent-based or

Destiny EP-200 Epoxy Primer Gray – Solvent-based

For steel — Destiny EP-300 Epoxy Red Oxide Primer – Solvent-based

Recommended Putty – Destiny Epoxy Mortar (if needed)



Reduce slightly with Destiny EPR-500 Epoxy Reducer.



May be tinted only with other Destiny Haard Floor Epoxy Floor Coating Colors. Do color blending on the Part A only, prior to mixing with Part B. Stir very well. Use mechanical stirrer.



Brush, roller or spray. Test the brush or roller for compatibility with the epoxy.
May also be applied to a one (1) millimeter thickness using putty knife, trowel or squeegee.
For up to 4 mm. thickness, first prepare Epoxy Mortar by mixing with Destiny Mortar Beads at a ratio of three (3) kilograms Mortar Beads to the three (3) liter contents of the Parts A and B mixture. Then apply the mortar with putty knife up to 3 mm. thickness. Allow to dry twenty-four (24) hours. Finally, apply two (2) coats Haard Floor topcoats or a one (1) millimeter thick topcoat by putty knife or towel.



Fifteen (15) Square Meter per 4 Liter on plain surface when applied by brush or roller.
When applied by putty knife, trowel or squeegee, it will depend on the final thickness and the roughness of the surface applied.



Six (6) hours. Twelve (12) to twenty-four (24) hours before recoating. Light sand in between coats to remove the gloss. Do the light sanding immediately after six (6) hours or coating may become too hard to sand.



Stir the Part A well. Then pour all of the Part B into the Part A can slowly and stir very well. If necessary, slowly add epoxy reducer until the desired viscosity is attained. Stir very well. Allow a five (5) minute Induction Period by letting the mixture stand for a period of five (5) minutes. Then immediately apply. Mix only the quantity that will be immediately applied.



Part A – 4 liter can with 3 liter contents and

Part B – 1 liter can with 1 liter contents

For Epoxy Mortar

Part A – 4 liter can with 2 liter contents Haard Floor Clear and

Part B – 1 liter can with 1 liter contents

Mortar Beads – 3 kilograms



1. Store in shaded ventilated area.

2. Keep out of reach of children.

3. Keep tightly closed when not in use.

4. Be sure to follow the instructions for mixing and use.

5. Once mixing of Parts A and B is done the mixture must be totally consumed within one (1) hour or it may start to become hot and viscous.

6. Provide adequate ventilation during application and during curing.

7. Flammable. Keep away from fire, sparks and heat during storage, during application and during curing.

8. Sensitive to UV rays of the sun. Do not expose the applied coating to sunlight as the applied product may chalk.

9. For interior use only.

10. For concrete floors apply over Destiny Epoprime Water-based Epoxy Primer and Masonry Waterproofer or Destiny Epoxy Clear Sealer as primer. The primed surface may then be smoothed out with Destiny Epoxy Mortar. Sand the dried mortar to a smooth finish. Use the same Epoxy Mortar to fill hairline cracks and minor imperfections.

11. Do not allow the applied area to be put to use until five (5) to seven (7) days after application. Do not allow any forklift or any heavy vehicle traffic until after the seventh (7th) day.

12. Haardfloor is lead-free, non-toxic and highly recommended as floor coating for food factories.