Epoprime Water-based Epoxy Primer





The extreme in permanence, adhesion, penetration, sealing and resistance to water and alkali. It combines the adhesion, durability and alkali resistance of epoxy glue with the penetrating and sealing properties of the best of concrete sealers into one almost permanent coating. This Water-based Primer enhances the gloss and color of the topcoat paint and makes it stay looking new much longer. This is because Epoprime forms and impenetrable barrier between the moisture, alkalinity and efflorescence coming from within the concrete and the external topcoats. It also strengthens the adhesion of the visible topcoats thus making them last many years longer. It is formulated to be applied specifically on concrete and other masonry surfaces. Its extreme resistance to alkalinity allows it to be applied even without neutralizing the surfaces. Its coverage far exceeds those of other concrete primers. It is the ultimate in protection for the harshest industrial, marine and chemical and high altitude environments. It is the ideal primer for concrete floors, prior to the application of the colored epoxy, polyurethane or chlorinated rubber floor coatings. Its penetrating and sealing (waterproofing) powers and its flexibility make it the best first coat for firewalls, facades, sidewalls and other exterior walls, and roof decks, terraces, balconies, ledges, window sills and bathrooms prior to the application of waterproofing. Also a waterproofing primer for interiors of water tanks for drinkable water, for fish ponds, for swimming pool linings and other submerged applications. May be tinted with Destiny water-based tinting colors up to 5 % by volume for color identification purposes. Almost permanent, it becomes part of the concrete wall, ceiling or floor. Water-based, and it has its own reducer. It may be topcoated with latex, enamel, epoxy, chlorinated rubber or polyurethane paints. Available in three (3) components – Part A, Base, Part B, Catalyst and Part C, Reducer. In addition to its having a higher coverage than most primers, it can be applied on the third day after the plaster is applied provided the plaster surface is already dry. Thus the overall painting time is reduced significantly. It is more economical on a per square meter basis considering the wider coverage, no need for concrete neutralizer and much shorter application time, including overall construction time. There is no comparable product on a cost per square meter per year of service basis.



White. May be tinted with Destiny water-based tinting colors up to five (5) percent by volume.






Concrete and other masonry. Especially formulated for interior and exterior masonry roofs, walls and floors, particularly for extreme conditions – roof decks, basements, firewalls, regular and high-rise building exteriors. Also for swimming pools and other submerged applications.



Already includes Part C, Reducer.



May be tinted for identification purposes with Destiny water-based tinting colors up to five (5) percent by volume. Tint only on Part A prior to mixing. Stir very well. Then add Part B and re-stir.



Brush, roller or spray.

Observe all instructions and precautions for mixing and use as given in the Epoprime Technical Bulletins , flyers and Part A cover.



Twenty (20) to forty (40) square meter per 4 liter set depending on the porosity and texture of the surface. Also depending on the desired thickness of the prime coat.



Stir the Part A well. Then pour all of the Part B into the Part A container slowly and stir very well. Allow the mixture to stand for a twenty (20) minute Induction Period. Stir the mixture every five (5) minutes just to move the mixture. Slowly add Part C until the desired viscosity is attained. Stir very well.

Should increase in viscosity be noted after the mixing and during the application, add Part C Reducer in order to maintain the desired viscosity.
The unused Part C may be used to soften the brush bristles and roller nap should hardening of these be noted.



Part A – 4 liter can with 3.2 liter contents.

Part B – 1 liter can with 0.8 liter contents.

Part C – 0.5 liter can with 0.5 liter contents.

All three (3) containers are conveniently packaged in one (1) vertical carton with handle for easy handling and minimizing mix-up of components with other products during storage and mixing.



1. Store in shaded ventilated area.

2. Keep out of reach of children.

3. Keep tightly closed when not in use.

4. Be sure to follow the instructions for mixing and use.

5. Once mixing of Parts A and B is done, the mixture must be totally consumed within two hours or the mixture will start to harden in the can.

6. The 3 components are packaged in one carton to avoid mixing with other products.

7. Provide adequate ventilation during application and during curing.

8. Instructions are provided on the top covers of the Part A Base.

9. Best applied by brush in order to be able to seal all minute pinholes where water and alkalinity could still penetrate. In order
minimize the possibility of voids and pinholes apply a second coat of Epoprime.

10. Upon drying of the first coat of Epoprime, previously invisible hairline cracks, indentations, voids and unevenness become more visible. Corrections may be done after these defects are observed.

11. The continuous impenetrable barrier is only as good as it is applied. No voids, pinholes or other bare areas where water, alkalinity and other chemicals can still seep through. Inspect the applied surfaces carefully to make sure that the surfaces are covered in whole, especially for floors and submerged applications.

12. Make sure that the concrete surfaces are properly prepared. No laitance, no “puro” (pure cement used for smoothing), no concrete curing compounds, no concrete hardeners and no concrete additives added to the cement mixture. Application is best direct to the bare concrete surface, pured concrete, hollow block or plaster.

NOTE: Epoprime is acceptable as primer for concrete water tank interior for drinking purposes.