Epobond Concrete Epoxy Binder 2


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Epobond Concrete Epoxy Binder is a two (2) component clear epoxy. It is formulated as an adhesive to bind a new concrete pouring or plaster to an existing concrete wall, post or slab. The cured epoxy interface makes a strong bond between the two concrete strata. Its negligible shrinkage minimizes loss of adhesion due to movements between the two strata. It is also an excellent primer and sealer for the application of epoxy or polyurethane floor coatings, particularly where odors and fumes are not permitted. Thirdly, it is also an excellent adhesive for attaching other non-concrete and non-masonry substrates to concrete. It is 100 percent solids. Therefore it emits no VOC’s or smell during the application and during the curing. It has found use as adhesive for attaching stone aggregates to concrete surfaces. It is chemically resistant to alkali, acid and most solvents and will seal the concrete surfaces against entry or exit of water. It may also be used in the repair of cracks in concrete surfaces. Being 100 percent solids, it is also Low in odor.









Concrete and others.



Use as-is. Do not reduce.



Do not tint.



Apply by brush on the existing concrete substrate. Fill all cracks, voids and crevices on the concrete surface using the stiff bristles of the brush. Apply the concrete plaster or pour the concrete sand, gravel and cement mixture while the applied epoxy binder is still wet or tacky. For floor coatings apply the topcoat when the epoxy binder is still tacky. For other substrates, attach while the Epobond is still wet or tacky.



Six (6) to eight (8) Square Meters per 3.0 Liters of Mixture (Parts A and B)



Tack-free time: One (1) to one and one-half (1.5) hours

Full cure time: Twenty-four (24) hours

Number of days before allowing traffic: Three (3) days before allowing pressure./p/>



Part A – 4 liter can with 2.0 liter contents, and

Part B – l liter can with l.0 liter contents.



1. Store in shaded ventilated area.

2. Keep out of reach of children.

3. Keep tightly closed when not in use.

4. Be sure to follow the instructions for mixing and use.

5. Once mixing of Parts A and B is done the mixture must be totally consumed within thirty (30) minutes. Mix only the quantity that will be applied within thirty (30) minutes.

6. Provide adequate ventilation during application and during curing.

7. Flammable. Keep away from fire, sparks and heat during storage, during application and during curing.

8. Sensitive to UV rays of the sun. Do not expose the applied coating to sunlight for prolonged periods as the applied product may chalk.

9. When used for exterior, must be topcoated with concrete or paint.

10. Smooth-finished concrete and concrete with pure cement finish must first be treated with 10 percent Muriatic Acid in order to remove the laitance (soft pure cement) and to slightly roughen the surfaces to that resembling fine sandpaper. Or, the surface may be mechanically cleaned and roughened with power sander or concrete planer.

11. All concrete surfaces must be free of all dirt, oil, grease, floor wax and other impurities that will impair adhesion. Test all old surfaces for oil or wax (especially floor wax) by means of the oil film test. Should any presence be detected, wash with water with detergent well and/ or remove using solvent. Then test again.

12. Concrete surfaces with concrete hardeners, curing compounds and other additives may render the concrete surface incompatible with paint. Consult the manufacturers of the additives regarding their compatibility before applying paints.

13. Make sure that the surfaces to be applied are clean, dry and sound (no loose, soft, brittle, flaky or crumbling concrete). No moisture, moss, algae or any organic growth. No existing paint. Remove with paint stripper or mechanical means.

14. New concrete must be fully cured (28 days curing period).