(1) The ELEGANCIA PREMIUM Latex and Enamel paint line may be used as a substitute for DESTINY (International Quality) Latex and Enamel paints where budget constraints require.

    (2) The BINGO latex line may be used for mass housing, apartments, build and sell and other economy applications.

    (3) Surface Preparation will depend on the condition of the substrate. The end condition is that all surfaces must be clean, dry, flat and sound.

    (4) For surfaces with existing paint, if existing paints are deteriorated up the 25 percent, it may be prudent to scrape off the entire surfaces to bare substrate. Simply sand the surfaces just to remove any gloss.




All surfaces (bare concrete, wood or metal or existing coatings) must be:


    No dirt, dust, oil, grease, wax or any contaminant that will impair adhesion. Remove all concrete curing compounds, mold release oils, etc.
  • DRY
    No water, moisture, dampness or any wet previous coating.
  • FLAT
    Substrate must not be too smooth, glossy, glazed or burnished. Previous coatings must not be glossy. Light sand just to remove the gloss. Epoxies must be sanded when dried hard but not after five (5) hours or it may be too hard to sand.
    No loose particles on bare substrate. No voids (kapak). No peeling or chalking on existing paints.