About Destiny Paint



Paradise Chemical Corporation was established in the Philippines in November of the year 2000. It is owned and operated by groups well established in Paints and Construction Supplies marketing and distribution. In January 2001, Paradise Chemical Corporation assumed the management and operation of the Sinclair Phils. Inc. manufacturers of the internationally renowned Sinclair Paint, plant and offices in Yakal Street, Makati City, which was operating and distributing international-quality products throughout the Philippines since the year 1950.


Today, Paradise Chemicals continues to produce the same Sinclair-quality paint, waterproofing and related chemicals. Having acquired the same advanced technology, Paradise Chemical then introduced the same international-quality products under the new brand name Destiny Paint. These include the already well-known Epoprime Water-based Epoxy Primer for Concrete, Elastomeric Waterproofing Paint and Decorcote Clear Washout Protection. Paradise also expanded their lines of Premium International-Quality Paints now to include Latex, Enamels, Epoxies, Polyurethane and Chlorinated Rubber. Through their superior technology they then proceeded to develop and produce high quality elastomeric waterproofing under the name Liquid Bond, and innovative products such as Stuc-o-life Primer-and-Topcoat in-one Latex Paint, Elastomeric Roofgloss Flexible Roof Paint, Polyurethane Clear Varnish, NGR Penetrating Woodstain, Kooltex Heat Repellant Roof Paint, Flame Shield Fire Retardant, Haardfloor High Built Heavy Duty Epoxy Floor Coating, Floorguard Exterior and Interior Floor Coating and Epoline Epoxy Tank Lining. Paradise also complements their lines with popular products under the brand names Elegancia and Bingo.


Paradise Chemicals prides itself not only because of their high quality products but due to their all-out support to the paint, waterproofing and related chemicals markets, through seminars and jobsite field support. The company continues to increase their roster of satisfied customers and continues to add on to their list of durable, good-looking projects.